Games that make you think!

Relics of Atlas

Find the Relics of Atlas in an online game with a lot of strategy, knowledge and glory!


An epic sci-fi battle where strategy and knowledge defines the victory!

We create amazing apps!

Native Apps for Android, IOS and Web!

Topic Play Games

Topic Play Games is an independent studio that develops innovative games and applications, that has already helped more than 40,000 users.

It is in our DNA to develop new business solutions and new experiences in the areas of education, science and technology. Become a Topic Player, get to know our services and creations.

We create custom apps

Topic Play also develops tailor made mobile and web applications, we have a multidisciplinary team engaged in bringing digital transformations to your business.


We are 15 people in the areas of management, software engineering, UX / UI, programming and art that together make things happen.

Multiplatform App

In a competitive market you need to be in many places efficiently, so Topic Play develops native apps for various platforms and operating systems such as Windows, MAC OS, Android and IOS.


All applications have custom, secure, and complete dashboards for seamlessly managing your app.


Brazil: +55 83 4100 0944
Where we are?
135, Francisco Calixto Street, Room 02, Monte Santo, Campina Grande/PB

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